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Superoutburst of HT Cas

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Superoutburst of HT Cas

I have been told that the cataclysmic variable star HT Cas is currently in superoutburst. Since the star enters this state only rarely, observers are strongly encouraged to monitor it over the next few days.

I took images tonight (UT Jan 13 05:00-ish) and verified that the star is much brighter than its usual state; at a very rough guess, V = 12-13. It's best early in the evening, before it passes under the pole.

Good luck!

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HT Cas

Don't forget that this UGSU is an eclipser.  An ephemeris can be seen here, but should only be used as a guide as it needs updating.  The eclipses are around 2 mags deep and take about 20 minutes to complete.


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HT Cas observed last night

I observed this star for about 4.5 hours last night (data uploaded) and light curve attached. I managed to pick up nearly 3 eclipses! Thanks for the heads up!

The mean V mag is presently 12.8.

Dave Lane (LDJ)

Abbey Ridge Obs.

File upload: 
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Re: HT Cas

Nice plot David. HT Cas has a lovely superoutburst profile, with superhumps and eclipses.   My ephemeris isn't too far off either by the look of it. 


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