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Unusual eclipsing variable.

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Filipp Romanov
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Unusual eclipsing variable.

Hello. My name is Filipp Romanov. I am 19 years old. I found an interesting variable star in NSVS. I would like to request the AAVSO community to observe eclipsing variable NSVS 1489161 because the period is very large (118.03 days). It is rare.

Page in VSX

AAVSO UID:  000-BLW-057.

N.N. Samus said 26/06/2016 that this is possibly unique variable      

I do not have an opportunity to observe this variable. I live in a small 13.2 sq.m. room in a communal apartment with neighbors. Thanks in advance for your help in the observations.

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Help with observations.

Within a month I spend observations of this star. Star interesting, but it has a different type and a different period. But due to the deteriorating weather I ask for help in the observation of this star to obtain complete data and preparing the report. Neohodimo data filters V and R at least one hour per night for the next two weeks.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Mishevskiy Nikolay.

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