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Variable Star app beta testers wanted (Android)

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Variable Star app beta testers wanted (Android)

Hi! I've created an Android application called Variable Stars as a simple resource to provide a clean interface to access basic information about variable stars that can aid in planning observing sessions or just general knowledge. 

This is my first app, and I'm looking for beta testers to take a look at the application and let me know what you think. 

Features include: 
    • View basic info for any star in the database, including current altitude, location, varible type, spectral type, etc.
    • 9 pre-made lists of variable stars based off of AAVSO's observing sections
    • What's Up: the 200 stars most suited for observing currently at your location (or at the time, date, and location you specify)
    • Search: search the database of over 300,000 variable stars by name, magnitude, constellation, or period

Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you the link to the beta version in the Play Store. All feedback is greatly appreciated. :)

I'm looking for a small number so space is limited - first come first serve. As a thank-you, participating beta testers will receive any future paid content for free.

Thanks for reading and clear skies!

Re: Variable Star app beta testers wanted (Android)

Hi Michelle,

I'd be interested to beta test. Sounds like an interesting/useful app.


Helmar (AHM)


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Re: Variable Star app beta testers wanted (Android)

Sent you a message Helmar - thanks!


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Happy to give it a try if it

Happy to give it a try if it would run on a blackberry classic?

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Did some checking - I guess

Did some checking - I guess it depends if you can run the Play Store on your Blackberry. If so, it might work, but if not think I can make the release APK available separately after the beta. It would be completely untested though, I didn't even realize until now that Android apps were runnable on newer Blackberries.

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Love to try! Alan. PAW

Love to try!

Alan. PAW

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Sent you a message Alan,

Sent you a message Alan, thanks!

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Variable Star App

I am defintely interested!  Let me know how I can help.

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Sent you a message!

Sent you a message!

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Variable Star App

Already installed, remains to be worked!
For now, seem to be great!

Spam Removed

Hey Michelle,

Thank you for letting us know about this spam. That would have been hard for us to spot. The comment has been deleted. As a consequence of deleting a comment all replies to the comment are deleted as well. Apologies for any inconvenience. 


Bert Pablo

Staff Astronomer

P.S. your app sounds really cool :). 

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Hello... My first comments on

Hello... My first comments on the application

I worked a bit with the application and I find two details that could be improved ...

1-A function that I find super practical is the selection of types of stars:
- AAVSO Binocular Program
- AAVSO Easy list ...
My favorite is "AAVSO Young Stellar Object" (I love this kind of stars!)
But if I select this stars's family and click on one of this star to read the details  ...
When I return, I return at the beginning and not in my select list.(???)

2- The "Variabily types" option brings us to the VSX web page.
On the other hand, when it is dark, we are in his observatory for a few hours and we use this application for more information but we fall on this page ... It's over for our night vision!

Anyway, it's really good work ... But if we can improve it, it would be even better!

(English is not my motherlanguage... Sorry if I make some mistake) 

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Bonjour J-B

Bonjour J-B

C'est moi qui a ecrit le site du web 'Young Stellar Objects' et je le dirige aussi. Ca me plait que vous avez interet chez les YSOs - mais je ne suis pas certain de votre mots au sujet du 'star search' - peut-etre vous expliquerais plus loin?

(apologies for the lack of accent marks!)


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Hi Michael

No problem with your french!
Sorry for the delay too, a lot of work ...

But I don't say "Star search" in my in my comment.
Like shox in the JPG, I include, in the Android's application, if I select a star's family (1-2) and check some detail of a star (3), when I come back, I jump to the first page of the software.

Maybe your french is better than my english, sorry.


File upload: 
David Benn
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Screen overlay detected

I'm keen to try your app.

I have installed the Variable Stars app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and when I start it, it asks for location permissions (tick) then I see "Screen overlay detected". I'm told to go to Settings > Apps to turn off screen overlay mode.

When I get to Settings, I see no obvious way to change screen overlay mode for this particular app.

Now, this is not the only app I see this with, but this particular feature of Android is really starting to bug me...

Moreso because for the apps I have tried to change this mode for, it doesn't make any difference whether the screen overlay mode is on or off!

Sigh. I should be able to fix this but I'm having trouble doing so.

I'd appreciate suggestions.



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