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vstar file format upload problem

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vstar file format upload problem

Hi Everybody, I'm trying to add a filter/band column to my file  in order to study it with VSTAR, but I don't know how to do it:

HJD    Magnitude    Uncertainty    Observer
2457736.34365    12.12443    0.00778    MCAF
2457736.34472    12.13063    0.00781    MCAF
2457736.34578    12.13842    0.00781    MCAF
2457736.34686    12.13573    0.00779    MCAF

Could anyone help me?

I've tried to add a Band column but it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance and Happy Christmas!


David Benn
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Adding a band column

Hi Carlos

Page 10 of the user manual shows what's possible with the simple format. That doesn't include adding a band column.

You could either create an upload format file and use the plug-in or a download format file (see p10 user manual). I suspect the upload format would be easier to work with.

There are a couple of SourceForge tickets that may lead to improvements in this area.


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