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X Ser in outburst

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X Ser in outburst

The old nova X Ser appears to be having another DN-like outburst.  It started in late August according to observations made with AAVSONET C30.  Continuing coverage with this telescope may not be possible due to equipment issues.  So, other observers should try to observe this target till the end of its observing season.


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It is

I can confirm this. Just estimated it visually at 14.4


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Spectroscopy and photometry of X Ser (ATel #9463)

"Spectroscopy and photometry of X Ser (Nova Ser 1903) during its current DN stunted outburst"
ATel #9463; U. Munari (INAF Padova) and S. Dallaporta (ANS Collaboration)

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Re: Spectroscopy and photometry of X Ser (ATel #9463)


Thanks for the link to ATel #9463.  Glad to see others are looking at this under-observed star.


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