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Corporate Affiliate Program

Today, corporations are taking an increasingly active role in supporting nonprofit organizations. The AAVSO's Corporate Affiliate Program is an opportunity for your company or organization to increase its visibility while simultaneously demonstrating your support for astronomy and science research and education.

Our program is designed to enhance your corporate image and offers the chance for you to be a good corporate citizen by supporting a worthwhile non-profit organization. It will help you sell more products or services and increase positive awareness in astronomy related markets and amongst customers, potential customers and the professional and amateur astronomy communities.

There are subtle, yet important differences between a corporate charitable contribution and a sponsorship program. For example, charitable contributions are usually given with little notoriety or fanfare. A sponsorship program offers a highly public opportunity to show your support. Contributions usually come from corporate philanthropy budgets, whereas sponsorships generally come from the advertising and marketing budgets because of the high visibility they provide. Sponsorships can be written off as a full business expense, like promotional printing expenses.

If you would like more information about becoming a Corporate Affiliate of the AAVSO, please contact the Development Director at

Corporate Affiliate Program Application (pdf)

Marketing Options

Depending on which level of support you choose to participate in, your benefits will include one or all of the following marketing options.

Static Home Page and Support Page Listing

Your logo, linked to your home page on our Home and Support pages.

Subscription to the Journal of the AAVSO

The leading refereed scientific journal on variable star related topics. (electronic only)

Listing in the AAVSO Newsletter

The newsletter is in electronic format so we can offer your logo linked to your home page from our newsletter. Approximately 1500 subscribers, issued quarterly.

Free registration at AAVSO Fall and Spring meetings

Text message and link in the footer of our email deliveries

600-700 My News Flash emails issued daily. These can be several different messages queued up and randomly generated to keep them fresh. 

Three additional high traffic pages

Again, your logo, linked to your home page on three more active AAVSO web pages

Named Service Supporting Sponsorship

Our busiest pages are service pages we provide
    •    Light Curve Generator - generates custom light curves online
    •    WebObs - online tool for submitting and searching observations
    •    Variable Star Plotter (VSP) - our automated chart generator

These are limited naming opportunities, such as "The ABC Company Light Curve Generator." These will be grandfathered listings. First come, first served basis, continued indefinitely as long as the corporate sponsor participates at this level.

Levels of Support

  Contributing Affiliate
Supporting Affiliate
$5,000- 9,999
Sustaining Affiliate
Partner Affiliate
$25,000 & up
Named service supporting sponsor       X
3 additional high traffic page listings     X X
Text and link listing in the footer of AAVSO email     X X
Free registration to meetings   1 person 2 people 3 people
Listing in the Annual Report   X X X
Listing in the newsletter   X X X
Subscription to the Journal X X X X
Static home page and support page listing, logo and link X X X X


For information please contact us at or call 617-354-0484


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AAVSO 49 Bay State Rd. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-354-0484