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Correct names for filters in FITS header, etc

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My camera control software places the filter name into the FITS header of images and my analysis software automatically places filter names into reports. I am not sure what the correct names or abbreviations should be. I am using the following filters:

Clear (to be parfocal)

Blue (Johnsons/Cousins)

Visual (Johnsons/Cousins)

Sloan r' 2nd generation Astrodon

Sloan g' 2nd generation Astrodon

All the photometric filters are from Astrodon.

I then have three pretty picture filters (RGB), but they won't be involved in photometry.

filter names
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AAVSOnet uses the following conventions:

Johnson B = B

Johnson V = V

Cousins R = R

Cousins I = I

Sloan g' = SG

Sloan r' = SR

Sloan i' = SI

Tricolor B = TB

Tricolor G = TG

Tricolor R = TR


For reference, you can find a
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For reference, you can find a full list of filter abbreviations at .

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