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CQ Tau fade

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CQ Tau fade

Just come in to get some feeling back into my fingers, and CQ Tau is undergoing a fade; fainter than 11.0m. RW Aur is alo the faintest I've seen it - ran out of comp stars!

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The present minimum is the faintest its been in the past 80 years.

The faintest comparison star is 138 at the moment.Is it fainter than this? If so, I suggest you go to CHET and ask for a few fainter comp stars.

Stephen [HSP] 


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rw aur sequence

I just used SeqPlot to extend the sequence, to 14th mag (14.1) as well as positing some alternative 13m comps, which are currently rather too distant from RW for me. Waiting for Tom to OK it. Speaking of RW Aur comps, I hope nobody has used '114' in the past, since it is a double star! Unfortunately, not a lot else nearby to bridge the gap, so I can sort of see why it was used. I made it 13.2 last night (from memory, but it was certainly fainter than 129)

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