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creating AAVSO report - group identifier

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Joined: 2011-10-23

On the Create AAVSO Report form there is a field for 'group identifier' under the field for observer code. What should be entered for the group identifier?

Group identifier
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Hi Isabel,


The group identifier is optional, it is just a way to label related observations. If you have a set of BVRI images of a target, you can label them with an identifier. From the AAVSO documentation:


Grouping identifier (maximum 5 characters). It is used for grouping multiple observations together, usually an observation set that was taken through multiple filters. It makes it easier to retrieve all magnitudes from a given set in the database, say, if someone wanted to form color indices such as (B-V) with them. For cases where you want to group observations, GROUP should be an integer, identical for all observations in a group, and unique for a given observer for a given star on a given Julian Date.



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