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Dark Skies in Detroit?

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Dark Skies in Detroit?

I read a news report that due to Detroit's financial woes, most of the city's streetlights have been dark recently. Wondering if any local observers there may have noticed improvement in the sky limiting magnitude?

If there has not been any increase in crime either, then this would be strong evidence to support the IDA position that brightly lighting cities does not have a significant impact on deterring crime.

It would be pretty cool if Detroit could be the first model city that functions just as well in the dark!

Mike LMK

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Black out astronomy and criminality

I experienced only once a black out in Rome in 2003, sept 28... and it was really dark, but unfortunately there were clouds.

Nothing wrong happened, under the criminal point of view

now I am in Rio de Janeiro, another megalopolis with 3 magnitudes lost when it is clear...

In Rio I can spot mv=6.9/7.0 as limiting magnitude at 50 degrees of altitude using a 40mm binocular

 if the milky way become visible in Detroit... AAVSO HQ should move there, or at least open a representative office :-)

Costantino Sigismondi


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Mike, given that Detroit,

Mike, given that Detroit, with its murder rate of 55 per 100,000 and its consistent ranking among the top 5 most dangerous cities in America in which to live, I doubt anyone would care to cite it as a sterling example of anything even were crime to decline somewhat with its reduction in street lightning. Were I living there I'd honestly never even dare to come out after dark these days, street lighting on, or off! Odds are that what may be accomplished is to drive many criminals into Detroit's surrounding formerly safer suburbs - something no one is going to be applauding.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)  

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