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Data-Base of apparent magnitude of a Star

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Data-Base of apparent magnitude of a Star

Hi, i`m doing a research on variable stars and i'd like to have acces to a data base of the magnitude of a given star. How can i do that?


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You can get information on variable stars (including their magnitude range) on VSX, under: 


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If you are lucky

If you are lucky, your target star is actually also in the database of observations done by AAVSO observers. This will be linked from the VSX page mentioned by Stella, but you can also just type in the name of the variable star in the input field on the AAVSO home page (right hand side, "Pick a Star") and click on one of the links below that to see whether there are recent observations of the star in the DB, or to plot a light curve (if there are indeed observations), or to go to said VSX lookup page for that star. Try alternative names for the star if you first cannot find anything. If it's one of the more well known variable stars, you can be almost sure to find observations this way.

If there are indeed a lot of observations, you might want to download the data in some machine-readable form for your research. There are several ways to do this, one very useful tool is VStar, look on the homepage under the "Menu" Data->Data Analysis -> VStar. 

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