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data usage


I've noticed that whenever I get a data usage report (very informative by the way!) some are "Am" and some are "Pro". I've also noticed that most of the "Pro" usage is on my YSO stars. As I run the YSO section, I'd be interested to know who is using my obs, apart from anything else because this might influence future observing campaigns. Is there any way of finding this out?

Matthew Templeton
identities of data downloaders

Hi Michael,

The answer to your question is yes, but AAVSO staff would be the intermediaries for first contact for privacy reasons.  [That is AAVSO policy for all queries about both observers and data users regardless of who makes the request.]  Please email me if there are specific data sets you're curious about -- AAVSO staff would contact them for you and ask if they'd like to discuss campaigns with you, or otherwise make their names available. 

We have a blanket privacy policy in place, but many downloaders who self-identify as professional astronomers do give both their name and email address, and there's a good chance they'd be happy to speak with you.


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Thanks Matt. That's great -

Thanks Matt. That's great - and of course perfectly understandable from the privacy viewpoint.

Unfortunately, I've just had a clear-out of emails and accidentally deleted my latest data usage report, so can't recall with 100% certainty which particular stars featured! Any chance of re-sending that one? (hangs head in shame...)


Matthew Templeton


I've responded privately regarding this thread, please check your email.

Clear skies,


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Thanks Matt. I am now

Thanks Matt. I am now corresponding with the person in question.

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An interesting thread! I

An interesting thread! I presume that there is a distinction between requests and publications. A publication would no longer be private. I know that Matt has methodically recorded publications containing AAVSO observations for many years. Does that tracking extend to checking what stars and observations are reported in those publications?


Matthew Templeton
I wish...


Unfortunately no.  My method for getting the AAVSO-related preprints from is extremely simple, using arxiv's search function and curl to access and download the relevant preprints.  My perlscript then parses the results to create html-formatted lines that we can cut and paste into that page.  Elizabeth or I run it about once a month, browse and verify the results, and then add them.

I haven't checked to see if arxiv also includes object keywords in their search (other than via the title or abstract), but if so my script could probably be modified to suit.


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