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dedicated campaigns page

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dedicated campaigns page

We are engaged in so many observing campaigns at the moment (and I am trying to ensure it stays that way!) that there is now a separate 'YSO campaigns' page on the YSO website:

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  It looks like a great

  It looks like a great addition to the page, Mike. Count me in on the T Orionis observing in September, though all I can make are visual estimates!

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Me too! Saw Orion ("climbing

Me too!
Saw Orion ("climbing over the rim of the world" in Tolkien's beautiful imagery) the other night, but still couldn't quite catch AA Tau, which was hidden behind a tree.

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One of my favorite scenes from LOTR :)


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Hi Christine. Nai eleni

Hi Christine.

Nai eleni silar tielyanna!

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