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delta sco

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delta sco

Hi all,
I don't observe delta sco, but i notice now, close to the moon, that it looks definitely brighter than antares.
Does that happen often, in recent years?
Alan P.

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Hi Alan, I wonder if you

Hi Alan,

I wonder if you might have mistaken Saturn for Delta Scorpii, as I briefly did last night? Saturn is a degree or two from Delta Scorpii at the moment.

-Carey (CCY)

Sebastian Otero
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Delta Sco state

I think Carey is right.

I follow the three objects (yes, I make estimates of Saturn! ;)) and they are as follows:

Saturn: 0.3 V
Antares: 1.0 V
Delta Sco: 1.7 V

Delta Sco is very bright this season and rather stable for the last couple of months but definitely not brighter than Antares.


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delta sco

Of course. Thanks

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