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Difficulty with BSM images in VPHOT

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Difficulty with BSM images in VPHOT

Was there a change to the reduction pipeline for the BSM in the last day?  All the AAVSOnet BSM images that I have been delivered over the past 24 hours cannot display in VPHOT.  The issue is that VPHOT expects the pixels to range from 0 to 2^8.  Where as the BSM images now appear to have pixel values all less than 10^-3.  My educated guess is that something changed in the flat-fielding part of the pipeline.  I would appreciate a fix to VPHOT or the BSM reductions that allows me to continue using VPHOT to do the photometry.


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AAVSOnet pipeline problems

Yes, there is a problem with the AAVSOnet's processing pipeline. Updates were made to patch the spectre/meltdown security issue. That broke the IRAF install. Then IRAF was bumped from version 2.14 to 2.16. That almost works, except for the problem you are runnning into on VPhot. So, at present the AAVSOnet pipeline is down.

Does anyone out there speak IRAF? The problem appears to be with the flat normalization routine: normflat is not working properly, so all of the flats have their original mean values (like 33000) instead of having values centered around 1. 

It may be a while before this can be fixed. If there are any IRAF maven's out there, please contact me. We could use a hand.


Just a thought on a kludge

Just a thought on a kludge with some less specialized routines:  You could imarith the flat (dividing by its average pixel value) and that basically builds a normalized flat without normflat.

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