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Do you observe the same targets? Or have a "Plan?"

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Do you observe the same targets? Or have a "Plan?"

Hey everyone!

I am curious as to how other people have their own observing program set up?

Do you observe the same stars at the cadence requested in the target tool, or do you just observe whatever star you feel needs observations that night?

I've been away from home for a while and never got a real idea of how I wanted my visual program to go, and have been using the AAVSONET scopes for all of my CCD observations.

Overall just trying to see how everyone else does it and possibly build my own program around how some of you do it.




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The plan I'm going with is

The plan I'm going with is that I divide the sky into 4 sections.

0-6h Ra, 6-12h RA, 12-18h RA, 18-0h RA

Then I choose the v.stars in each section that suit what I am able to do and like best. I like v.stars with large variability with their brightest being in the range of my binoculars. So I will be watching mostly the same stars over time but there will be many.



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Nice Plan! Thanks for sharing

Nice Plan! Thanks for sharing!

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Before each session, I query

Before each session, I query VSX to generate a list of star types I'm interested, that are within my observing range, have AID observations, and will be well positioned in the sky. 

Subscribing to the LPV Circular is also a good idea. It comes out every Friday and will give you a list of stars which have been observed in the past 4 weeks and an idea what the current magnitude is, so you'll know if it is an obtainable target and if it could use a few more observations.

Clear Skies, 

Rich Roberts (RRIA) 

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Observing Plan

I observe visually. I have printed out charts of all the stars I observe - mainly UGs, RCBs, NLs, and they are arranged in RA order then within that, Dec order N->S (I live at Lat -35°). I tend to observe in RA order (but when looking at northern variables I'll jump a few hours RA as they set first before the southern ones). I make adjustments for the Moon (when it's close to full, I don't bother observing the really faint ones.
I also try to observe the brighter ones first, and also any that I am really interested in, especially if they are in bright outburst.
I like to observe the same stars as often as possible to try and catch outbursts (UGs) or fades (NLs and RCBs)

Stephen [HSP]
New Zealand.

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I tend to do exclusively the

I tend to do exclusively the binocular program.  I have a file drawer out in the garage (I do my observations from my driveway) that has folders for each constellation and in those folders are the charts.  I go outside look up and then select from the appropriate folder.

--Michael in Houston

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