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Donna Young

Donna L. Young – Lead Educator, Chandra E/PO Office, SAO/NASA

Donna came to the Boston area when she was awarded a fellowship at the Wright Center for Innovative Science Education at Tufts University. She came from the Maine School of Science and Mathematics in Limestone, Maine where she taught AP physics and astrophysics. She graduated from the University of Maine with a BS degree, a Masters degree in Science Education and a CAS degree in Science Curriculum. While at the Wright Center she worked as a curriculum consultant/developer with AAVSO and became involved with the Chandra mission at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. She is still involved with developing and presenting Chandra educational materials and mission science and currently maintains an office at AAVSO while residing in Bullhead City, AZ.

Donna is currently involved in the following:

  • Lead Educator for the Chandra X-Ray Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, MA; developing educational materials and presenting mission science, educational materials, and E/PO resources to formal and informal educators at conferences, workshops and meetings nationwide.
  • National Event Supervisor for the high school Astronomy event for the National Science Olympiad; developing the event description, running the event at national competition and presenting at numerous Science Olympiad clinics nationwide.
  • Author and consultant for Variable Star Astronomy – formerly named “Hands On Astrophysics” (HOA); updating and revising content, and presenting at meetings, workshops and conferences nationwide.

Current project and affiliation links:

Lecture/Conference/Meeting/Workshop/Travel Schedule for 2003-2015




Travel Schedule for 2015

January 3-6

San Diego, CA (AAPT Winter Meeting)

March 26-29

Chicago, IL (NSTA National Convention)

April (TBA)

Boston, MA meetings SAO/CXC

May 15-26

Lincoln, NE (National Science Olympiad)


Honolulu, HI (AAS and IAU Meetings)


Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)


Spokane, WA (International Sci/Fi Convention)

September (TBA)

Boston, MA meetings SAO/CXC

October 22-14

Reno, NV (NSTA Regional Convention)

November 12-14

Philadelphia, PA (NSTA Regional)

December 3-5

Kansas City, MO (NSTA Regional)

December 15-19

San Francisco, CA (AGU Annual)


Travel Schedule for 2014

April 3-6

Boston (NSTA National Conference)

May 18-20

Orlando, FL (National Science Olympiad Competition)

July 16-20

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

Aug 14-18

London, UK (World Con International Sci/Fi Convention)


Boston, MA (Webinar Recordings)


Stoneham, ME (Meetings)

October 16-18

Richmond, VA (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 6-8

Orlando, FL (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 18-25

Boston, MA (Meetings)

December 4-6

Long Beach, CA (NSTA Regional Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2013<<

January 15-16

Bullhead City, AZ (Mohave HS Earth Science class Presentations)

February 28

Bullhead City, AZ (Mohave County Library Public Event)

February 19

Kingman, AZ (MCC Campus-wide Public Event)

April 10-15

San Antonio, TX (NSTA National Conference)

April 25 & 29

Bullhead City, AZ (MCC Microbiology Class Presentations)

May 15-16

St. Louis, MO (NSTA STEM National Conference)

May 17-20

Dayton, OH (National Science Olympiad Competition)

May 21-23

Big Bear, CA (AAVSO/SAS Spring Meeting)

July 16-20

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

August 29-Sept 1

San Antonio, TX (Lone Star Con 3 International Sci/Fi Convention)

September 9-15

Cambridge, MA & Stoneham, ME (Meetings, Webinar Recordings)

October 24-26

Portland, OR (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 7-9

Charlotte, NC (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 20-25

Boston, MA (Meetings)

December 12-14

Denver, CO (NSTA Regional Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2012<<



January 21-22

Las Vegas, NV (Southern Nevada Mathematics and Science Conference)

February 4-8

Ontario, CA (AAPT Winter Meeting)

February 17-19

Boston, MA  (Boskone Convention)

March 29 – April 1

Indianapolis, IN (NSTA National Conference)

May 18-20

Orlando, FL (National Science Olympiad)

May 22-24

Big Bear, CA (AAVSO/SAS Spring Meeting)

July 16-20

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

August 30- Sept 3

Chicago, IL (Chicon 7 Conference)

October 18-20

Louisville, KY (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 1-3

Atlanta, GA (NSTA Regional Conference)

December 6-8

Phoenix, AZ (NSTA Regional Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2011<<



January 9-13

Seattle, WA (AAS Meeting)

January 23-30

Pasadena, CA (GWP80 Meeting)

February 18-22

Boston, MA  (Boskone Convention)

Feb 27 – March 4

Fairbanks, AK (AGU Auroral Phenomenology Meeting)

March 9-12

San Francisco, CA (NSTA National Conference)

May 17-18

Madison, WI (National Science Olympiad)

May 18-22

Boston, MA (AAS Meeting)

June 12-15

San Diego, CA (Science of Art Conference)

July 19-22

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

August 17-21

Reno, NV (Renovation Conference)

November 10-12

New Orleans, LA (NSTA Regional Conference)

Dec 8-10

Seattle, WA (NSTA Regional Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2010<<

January 14-20

Las Vegas, NV (Southern Nevada Mathematics and Science Conference)

February 13-16

Washington, DC (AAPT Winter Meeting)

March 18-21

Philadelphia, PA (NSTA National Conference)

May 21-22

Urbana-Champaign, ILL (Science Olympiad National Competition)

May 23-27

Miami, FL (AAS Summer Meeting)

July 12-July 16

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

July 17 -21

Portland, OR (AAPT Summer Meeting)

September 3-4

San Francisco, CA (AAVSO Citizen Sky Workshop)

September 23-25

Port Angeles, WA (Visions of the Universe Workshop)

December 2-4

Nashville, TN (NSTA Regional)

>> Travel Schedule for 2009<<

January 1-9

Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii (Galileo’s Legacy Conference)

February 12-16

Chicago, IL (AAPT Meeting)

March 19-22

New Orleans, LA (NSTA Conference)

May 15-16

Augusta, GA (National Science Olympiad)

May 20-21

Big Bear, CA (SAS/AAVSO Conference)


Ft. Davis, TX (McDonald Observatory Workshop)

May 29-31

Reno, NV (ASP Meeting)

July 5-11

St. Thomas, VI (Climate Change Workshop)

July 27-August 1

Glacier National Park, MT (Cryosphere Workshop)

August 6-10

Montreal, CAN (Worldcon Convention)

September 22-25

Boston, MA (Chandra 10th Year Symposium)

October 23-24

Cambridge, MA (AAVSO Fall Meeting)

October 29-31

Minneapolis, MN (NSTA Conference)

November 12-14

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (NSTA Conference)

December 3-5 

Phoenix, AZ (NSTA Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2008<<

January 7-12

AAS Meeting, Austin, TX

January 26

SO Invitational, Washington, DC

February 8-9

The Southern Nevada Mathematics Council & Nevada State Science Teacher’s Association Las Vegas, NV

March 27-29

NSTA Boston, MA

May 20-25

SAS/RTMC Meeting Big Bear, CA

May 29-June 2

National Science Olympiad Washington, DC

June 17-18

Chandra Workshop - Kelseyville, CA

June 23-29

Southwest Astronomy Conference, Tucson, AZ

July 6-10

Chandra Workshop - McDonald Observatory Workshop Ft Davis, TX

July 20-25

Glacier National Park, MT

August 6-10

WorldCon 66, Denver, CO

October 17-18

AAVSO Fall Meeting, Nantucket

October 30-November 1

NSTA Regional, Charlotte, NC

November 20-22

NSTA Regional, Portland, OR

December 4-6

NSTA Regional, Cincinnati, OH

December 31-January 5

Galileo’s Legacy Conference, Waianae, Oahu, HI

>> Travel Schedule for 2007<<



January 5-10

Seattle, WA (AAS/AAPT Meeting)

February 6-9

Alexandria, VA (NASA Pre-service Educator Conference)

March 1-3

Palm Springs, CA (CUE Conference)


St Louis, MO (NSTA National Conference)

May 17-21

Wichita, KS (National Science Olympiad)

May 24-31

Honolulu, HI (AAS Summer Meeting)

June 17-23

Upper Lake, CA (Chandra Workshop)

June 24-29

McDonald Observatory, TX (Chandra Workshop)

July (TBA)

New Orleans, LA (Chandra Workshop)

July (TBA)

Glacier National Park, MT (Wright Center Workshop)

July 16-20

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

July 28-Aug 1

Greensboro, NC (AAPT Summer Meeting

September (TBA)

(TBA) (ASP Meeting)

October (TBA)

Nantucket, MA (AAVSO Fall Meeting)

October 17-21

Detroit, MI (NSTA Regional Conference)

November 7-11

Denver, CO (NSTA Regional Conference)

December 5-9

Birmingham, AL (NSTA Regional Conference)

>> Travel Schedule for 2006<<



January 7-12

Washington, DC (AAS Meeting)

January 21-25

Anchorage, AK (AAPT Meeting)

April 23 - 26

Havasu City, AZ  (Science Olympiad Clinic)

May 4-7

Rockford, IL (AAVSO Spring Meeting)

May 17-20

Bloomington, IN (National Science Olympiad Competition)

July 10-14

Twin Falls, ID (Chandra Workshop)

July 18-21

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

July 27-31

Fort Davis, TX (Chandra Workshop)

September 2-8

Stoneham, ME  (Resource Agent Meeting)

September 15-17

Baltimore, MD (ASP Meeting)

October 5-8

Hammond, IN (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

October 18-22

Omaha, NE (NSTA Regional Conference)

October 26-28

Newton, MA (AAVSO Fall Meeting)

November 1-5

Baltimore, MD (NSTA Regional)

December 6-10

Salt Lake City, UT (NSTA Regional)

>> Travel Schedule for 2005<<

January 7-12

Albuquerque, NM (AAPT National Meeting)

January (Date Undecided)

Augusta, ME (MMSA Comet/Stardust Workshop)

March 10

Allendale, MI (Chandra Workshop)

March 31-April 3

Dallas, TX (NSTA National Convention)

May 19-24

Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (National Science Olympiad)

May 26-29

Port Angeles, WA (Juan de Fuca Festival Stellar Evolution Presentation)

May 29-June 3

Minneapolis, MN (AAS Summer Meeting)

June 13-17

Carson City, NV (Chandra Workshop - Western Nevada Community College)

June 26-30

Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas (Invited Speaker, Global Climate Change Workshop)

July 11-15

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Summer Institute)

July 22-27

McDonald Observatory, Ft Davis. TX (Chandra Workshop)

August 6-10

Salt Lake City, UT (AAPT Summer Meeting Workshop)

September 12-16

Tucson, AZ (ASP Conference/Meeting)

September 28-October 2

Clemson University (Meeting Dept. Astronomy/Physics)

October 6-9

Hammond, IN (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

October 13-15

Cambridge, MA (AAVSO Meeting)

October 20-23

Hartford, CT (NSTA Regional)

October 27-29

Portage, MI (Portage District Educators Workshop)

November 2-6

Boston, MA (Chandra 6th Anniversary Symposium)

November 10-12

Chicago, IL (NSTA Regional)

December 1-3

Nashville, TN (NSTA Regional)

>> Travel Schedule for 2004 <<



January 24-28

Miami Beach, FL (AAPT Winter Meeting)

February 2-6

Santa Fe, NM (X-Ray and Radio Connections Conference)

February 11-17

Arecibo, Puerto Rico (Arecibo Radio Telescope)

March 13

Worcester, MA (State Science Olympiad)

March 17

Hammond, IN (District-Wide Workshop)

March 18-21

Palm Springs, CA (CUE Conference)

April 1-4

Atlanta, GA (NSTA National Conference)

April 22-24

Huntington, PA (State Science Olympiad)

May 6

Biddeford, ME (Space Day, Biddeford MS)

May 13-19

Juniata College, PA (National Science Olympiad)

May 27-28

Big Bear, CA (IAPPP Conference)

May 29-30

Port Angeles, WA (Juan de Fuca Festiva lSpace Art Presentation)

June 23-27

Medford, MA (Science Literacy/Science Fiction Workshop)

June 27-July 1

Medford, MA (Chandra Workshop)

September 4

Boston, MA (Worldcon Science Fiction Educators Workshop)

September 8-11

New Orleans, LA (AAS-HEAD Conference)

September 30-October 2

Hammond, IN (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

October 8

Gardner, ME (MSTA Annual Conference Featured Speaker)

October 10-13

Baltimore, MD (Astrophysics Star-Formation Conference)

November 3-6

Indianapolis, IN (NSTA Regional)

November 17-21

Seattle, WA (NSTA Regional)

December 2-5

Richmond, VA (NSTA Regional)

>> Travel Schedule for 2003 <<



January 11-15

Austin, TX (AAPT Chandra presentation)

February 12-18

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico (Education Meeting)

February 23-27

Auburn, AL (Pre-Service Science Teacher Workshop)

March 10-12

Rockport, ME (Curriculum Development Workshop)

March 27-30

Philadelphia, PA (NSTA National Chandra shortcourse)

April 23-27

Apple Valley, CA (Apple Valley Science Center/Goldstone)

May 8-12

OSU, Columbus, OH (National Science Olympiad Competition)

June 25-29

Wright Center, Medford, MA (Space Art and Science Workshop)

July 7-11

Glacier National Park, MT (Global Climate Workshop)

July 19-23

Wright Center, Medford, MA (Chandra Workshop)

July 23-26

Wright Center, Medford, MA (Chandra Workshop)

July 28-30

MMSA, Augusta, ME (Chandra Workshop)

August 2-6

Madison, WI (AAPT Summer Meeting)

August 11-15

UMO, Orono, ME (Laptop, Learners and Technology Conference)

August 27-September 1

Toronto, ON, Canada (Torcon 3 Convention)

October 3-5

Hammond, IN (Science Olympiad Coaches Clinic)

October 16

Rivera College, Nashua NH (The Challenge Program)

October 18

Assumption College, Worcester MA (Science Olympiad Clinic)

October 24-26

Phoenix, AZ (Science Olympiad Student Clinic)

October 29-November 1

Minneapolis, MN (NSTA regional)

November 3-7

Lewis Science Center, Apple Valley CA (GVART Program)

November 13-16

Kansas City, MO (NSTA regional)

November 18-20

Hammond, IN (District-Wide Inservice)

December 3-6

Reno, NV (NSTA regional meeting)

December 11-12

Augusta, Maine MMSA Sunspotters Workshop

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