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Double your pleasure: a double-double eclipsing binary?

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I just ran across this pre-print article on a star system that apparently consists of a pair of eclipsing binaries. The two close binaries have a period ratio close to 3:2 so although the light curve is pretty bizarre it's repeating.  The system, CzeV343 = GSC 02405-01886, is in Auriga and is reasonably bright  at V=13.5.  It's not clear yet whether this is really a quadruple system - it's possible that two unrelated binary systems just happen to lie in the same direction.  Long-term monitoring of the eclipses should eventually show light-time effects as the two binaries revolve around each other if the truly are related.

Shawn (DKS)

Dear Shawn, Thank you for
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Dear Shawn,

Thank you for calling our attention to this interesting system! As I can see this system is not in the VSX database yet. In the article I haven't seen any coordinates or identification for this star, but this site

gives the following position for CzeV3435 48 24    +30 57 3.6,    +/- 1 arcmin (J2000).

Robert Fidrich (FRF)

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