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DSLR Photometry - TG magnitude compared to V or label?

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DSLR Photometry - TG magnitude compared to V or label?


Just starting out with DSLR photometry. I seem to have image acquisition and calibration sorted.

Split the image into RGB channels - using only green at the moment.

Using Iris to perform ensemble photometry. I can generate the instrument magnitudes for the comparison and check stars however I am not sure which published magnitudes I need to use. Do I use the labelled magnitude on the AAVSO charts or do I use the "V" magnitudes from the photometry table. The results are not transformed at this stage. I would like to report "TG" magnitude for the present at least.

Thanks in advance


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TG or V

You would use the V magnitude from the photometry table.



Select Johnson V when submitting?


I assume I select Johnson V as the filter on the submission form or ??(unfiltered zeropoint V)


Its Tri-Color Green

Figured it out

Tri-Color Green

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