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DY Vul

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a newbie question about DY Vul: what does "p" magnitude code means? 

I ask this because the chart (8643KO) says  Magn. 8.4-9.7p , but my observations, and even the light curve from LPG, shows higher magnitudes than 8.4 so I wondered why. Maybe because these mags are not v ?


Massimo (BGMB)



What Does "p" Stand For?
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Massimo - When a "p" follows the listed magnitude range of a variable on one of our charts (or in any catalog) it indicates the variable's range as photographic, which is decidedly bluer than in visual light. Thus, if the variable is a reddish star, like Mira types, SR, or many irregulars are, the visual range will be brighter than that indicated by the "p" range.

J.Bortle  (BRJ)

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