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EB’s discussion “webinar” Wednesday 4-15-2020

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EB’s discussion “webinar” Wednesday 4-15-2020

You are all invited to join a live “EB discussion” webinar on this Wednesday, April 15, at 12 noon PDT = 3PM EDT = 1900 UT.

This was prompted by the question "How do you plan eclipse observations, especially for systems with long periods (> few days) and possibly-uncertain ephemerides?"

The tentative agenda is:

• Gary Billings enjoys stars with little observational history, so the ephemerides can be so far off that an all-night run on the appointed night sometimes detects no fade at all.  He’ll describe his approach and some examples.

• Eric Dose will describe how he has recaptured a few EB phases from scratch, without tying up nights of scope time.

• Sebastion Otero will show how to search VSX for eclipsing binaries without published periods,

• If Gerry Samolyk is on-hand, he will be interested in hearing what you like about the current EB-Section website, and what you would like to see added or changed.

We’re planning on a one-hour session, but it can be extended a bit if the discussion stays active.

To register for this webinar, go to:

There is no charge – all are welcome!  We look forward to seeing you.

Bob Buchheim

Mark Blackford
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EB’s discussion “webinar” Wednesday 4-15-2020

Hi Bob,

this is a great idea. I've just registered for the webinar and look forward to the discussions, although the 5am local time start will be a little inconvenient. That's the problm with a non-flat earth, but coffee will help. Cheers,


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EB’s discussion “webinar” Wednesday 4-15-2020

Hi, do you plan to record it? I will not be able to watch it in real time.



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recording ...

I will try to record it ... but whether the recording is ever made public will depend on the quality (I'm a neophyte at this) and on the concurrence of the presenters.  We'll decide  after we've reviewed the recording.

Bob B.

Ed Wiley_WEY
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Many thanks for organizing. See you there!


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I second a recording

I can't rearrange existing plans, so I can't make it. I understand a recording has the disadvantage of not asking questions, but something is better than nothing.


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Recording now available

Hi, everyone:

The presenters have given their informed consent, so the recording of the “EB Discussion Webinar” (4-15-2020) is now available on line.  Go to:

(This version has been very lightly edited:  I removed a few clips where we were fumbling to get the presentations set up).


Bob B.

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Observing Less-Observed EBs, presentation slides

Hi All, attached here is my presentation from the webinar.

3.2 Mbytes.

Gary Billings

File upload: 
Mark Blackford
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Thanks for the webinar

Hi Bob and all the presenters,

Thanks for organising the webinar last week. I enjoyed each of the talks and picked up a few good tips. I've had a quick look at the YouTube video, the quality is excellent. It'll be a great resource for those who couldn't participate in the live event.

Thanks Gary for making your slides available too. Cheers,


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O-C Diagrams: Erratum

Gary's presentation (post #8 above) includes a mention of my JAAVSO paper on O-C diagrams.

Table 2 in the paperr contains O-C values that do not match those in the O-C diagram in Figure 2. The problem was I copied and pasted the wrong table into the manuscript! Everything else in the paper is correct.

The correct table is attached, and will appear as an erratum in a forthcoming issue of the Journal.


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