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JAAVSO v10n1

Volume 10 Number 1 1981
1 Photoelectric Measures of AAVSO Comparison Star Sequences - Part Two

Richard B. Stanton



9 V801-CYGNI
Margaret Yarlott
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11 A Possible Change in the Period of Hs-Aquilae
Kristin D. Thompson
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13 A Photoelectric Lightcurve and Elements of the Eclipsing Binary EO-Aurigae
Patrick Hartigan
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21 Star Brightness Measurement Using Photon Counting
Richard B. Stanton
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25 A Spirit of Search
Kenneth C. Beckmann
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28 A Study of UU-Aquilae
Jack F. Davis, Janet A. Mattei
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33 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the Spring Meeting of the AAVSO in Tucson, Arizona April 25, 1981
Various Authors
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38 Book Review: In Quest of Telescopes
R. Newton Mayall
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38 A Variation on Variables
K. S. Hazen
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39 Minutes of the General Meetings of the AAVSO held at Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ April 25, 1981
Clinton B. Ford
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43 Committee Reports
New Chart Compilation,Clinton B. Ford, Photoelectric Photometry,Howard J. Landis, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Eclipsing Binary,Marvin E. Baldwin, Solar Division,Robert B. Ammons, Nova Search,Carmine Borzelli
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47 Treasurer's Report: October 1, 1980 - March 31, 1981
Theodore H. N. Wales
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