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JAAVSO v12n1

Volume 12 Number 1 1983
1 Astronomers as Amateurs

Thomas R. Williams



5 A Determination of the Elements of V493 Aquilae
Bradley Meyer
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8 Matthew Fontaine Maury's Missing Star
Dorrit Hoffleit
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10 Period Changes in V726 Cygni
Erica Ellingson
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13 A Study of V1954 Sagittarii
Marty Wooldridge
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16 Applications of Out-of-Focus Images in Amateur Astronomy
Ernst H. Mayer
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20 The Classical Cepheid Program JD 2442000 - 2443000
Thomas A Cragg
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35 Abstracts of Papers Presented a the Spring Meeting of the AAVSO in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada May 21-23, 1983
Various Authors
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39 Minutes of the General Meeting of the AAVSO held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada May 21-23, 1983
Janet A. Mattei
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42 Committee Reports
Classical Cepheids,Thomas A Cragg, New Chart,Clinton B. Ford, Eclipsing Binary,Marvin E. Baldwin, Nova Search,Carmine V. Borzelli, Photoelectric Photometry,Howard Landis, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Solar Division,Robert B. Ammons, Telescope,Charles E. Scovil
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