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JAAVSO v14n2

Volume 14 Number 2 1985
49 Anne S. Young and Alice H. Farnsworth: 58 Years of Astronomy At Mount Holyoke College

Martha L. Hazen



52 Tau Cassiopeiae: Not a Variable Star
John R. Percy
  abstract pdf  
55 On the Periodicity of UZ Comae Berenices
Dmitry Svetlov
  abstract pdf  
59 Large Period CHanges in V1176 Sagittarii
Karen A. Gloria
  abstract pdf  
61 Period Adjustment of TT Scuti
Steven E. Cederbloom
  abstract pdf  
63 Period Test for AA Serpentis
Nina Eisenman
  abstract pdf  
64 Was Harlow Shapley Right About V Cephei?
Dorrit Hoffleit
  abstract pdf  
67 Louise F. Jenkins, Astronomer and Missionary in Japan
Sei-Ici Sakuma
  abstract pdf  
69 On the Location and Restoration of an 1849 Henry Fitz Telescope
Robert B. Ariail
  abstract pdf  
72 Elias Loomis and the Loomis Observatory
Arthur J. Stokes
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74 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO held in South Hadley, MA November 1 - 2, 1986
Various Authors
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78 Minutes of the 74th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO held in South Hadley, MA November 1 - 2, 1986
Clinton B. Ford
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82 Annual Report of theDirector for the Fiscal Year 1984-1985
Janet A. Mattei
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102 Committee Reports
Classical Cepheid,Thomas A Cragg, New Chart,Clinton B. Ford, Eclipsing Binary,Marvin. E. Baldwin, Nova Search,Rev. Kenneth C. Beckmann, Photoelectric Photometry,Howard J. Landis, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Solar Division,Peter O. Taylor, Telescope,Charles E. Scovil
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108 Treasurer's Report: October 1, 1984 - September 30, 1985
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109 Index to Volume 14
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