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JAAVSO v24n1





Volume 24 Number 1 1996
1 Hubble Space Telescope Studies of Exposed White Dwarfs in Dwarf Novae
Edward M. Sion
  abstract pdf  
9 The Visual Light Curve of OW Geminorum, February 1995
Timothy Hager
  abstract pdf
12 OO Aquilae Times of Minima in 1993 From Visual Observations
Eran O. Ofek, Ofer Gabzo
  abstract pdf
14 Surfing the Harvard Plate Collection: Historical Outbursts of V725 Aquilae
Martha L. Hazen
  abstract pdf
17 AFOEV--A French and European Association of Variable Star Observers
Jean Gunther
  abstract pdf
19 Monitoring Nearby Stars for Transits by ExtraSolar Jovian Planets
Frederick R. West
  abstract pdf
24 Observing ζ Geminorum as a High School Physics Project
John R. Percy, Andre� M. Rinc�n
  abstract pdf
26 Exposure Nomographs
Ronald E. Zissell
  abstract pdf
36 A Method for Improved Visual Positional Estimates of Nova and Supernova Candidates
William G. Dillon
  abstract pdf
40 Program LX: Computerized Variable Star Observing
John M. (Jack) Nordby
  abstract pdf
43 Self-Styled Curmudgeon, W. J. Luyten, 1899-1994
Dorrit Hoffleit
  abstract pdf
50 William Tyler Olcott, 1873-1936
Elizabeth O. Waagen
  abstract pdf
59 A Short History of Stamford Observatory
Charles E. Scovil
  abstract pdf
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