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JAAVSO v24n2





Volume 24 Number 2 1996
81 The Period of theSymbiotic Nova PU Vulpeculae
Peter M. Garnavich
  abstract pdf  
86 Photographic Studies of Neglected Variables, II: MO Aurigae, RY Canis Minoris, Hi Geminorum, OO Puppis, and OP Puppis
David B. Williams
  abstract pdf
92 Revised Eclipse Prediction Elements for Eight Eclipsing Binary Stars
Marvin E. Baldwin
  abstract pdf
99 Period Corrections for Eight Eclipsing Binary Stars
Gerard Samolyk
  abstract pdf
105 A Catalogue of Correlations Between Eclipsing and Other Categories of Double Stars
Dorrit Hoffleit
  abstract pdf
117 Data Reduction by Averaging
Grant Foster
  abstract pdf
122 Variable Star Astronomy with a CCD Wide-Angle Lens System
Stephen P. Cook
  abstract pdf
129 Mythological Evidence for Ancient Observations of Variable Stars
Stephen R. Wilk
  abstract pdf
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