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JAAVSO v25n1





Volume 25 Number 1 1996
1 Anniversaries and Anticipations: Chara at Age 20 and Beyond
William I. Hartkopf
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14 BE Stars in the AAVSO Photoelectric Photometry Program
John R. Percy, Adrien Desjardins, David Yeung
  abstract pdf
21 Making Sense of SU Lyrae
Jerome McKenna
  abstract pdf
30 A Search for Variables at Goethe Link Observatory
David B. Williams
  abstract pdf
33 Measuring Stellar Variability by Visual Photometry
Mary Dombrowski
  abstract pdf
36 The Polar Axis Telescope of the Maple Observatory
Raymond R. Thompson
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41 Abstracts of Papers Presented at the AAVSO 85th Spring Meeting, Held in Atlanta, Georgia, April 12-13, 1996
Various Authors
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