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JAAVSO v27n1





Volume 27 Number 1 1999
1 The Onset of Pulsation in Red Giants
John R. Percy, Metlin Guler
  abstract pdf
5 Monitoring Cepheid Period Changes from Saint Mary's University
David G. Turner, Andrew J. Horsford, Joseph D. MacMillan
  abstract pdf
19 Photometric History of the SU UMA Type Cataclysmic Variable SBS 1017+533
Marth L. Hazen, Peter M. Garnavich
  abstract pdf
22 On the X-Ray Nova V404 Cygni
Tibor J. Herczeg, Matthew T. Maloney
  abstract pdf
26 Period Change in the Field Contact Binary V728 Herculis
Robert H. Nelson
  abstract pdf
31 HR 211 from Maple Observatory and Hipparcos
Raymond R. Thompson
  abstract pdf
35 Timing of the 1997 Eclipse of the Long Period (5.61 Years) Eclipsing Binary EE Cephei
Edward A. Halbach
  abstract pdf
37 Photometry of Hipparcos Variable Stars
Therese A. Ostrowski, Robert E. Stencel
  abstract pdf
41 Monitoring Faint Variable Stars at Minimum: A Work in Progress
Gary Emerson, Irene R. Little-Marenin
  abstract pdf
44 Searching for Novae: CCD Imagery or Photography?
William Liller
  abstract pdf
49 Flat-Fielding for CCDs in AAVSO Observations, I
Gary P Emerson, Stephen J. Little
  abstract pdf  
55 AAVSO Solar Division Digital Data Archives at NGDC
Helen E. Coffey, Christine D. Hanchett, Edward H. Erwin
  abstract pdf
61 First Light at the new Mt. Evans Observatory
Stencel, Robert E.
  abstract pdf
65 Modeling Visual Photometry I: Preliminary Determination of Visual Bandpass
Peter L. Collins
  abstract pdf
77 Monitoring Nearby Stars for Transits by Extrasolar Jovian Planets, II: Transits of M-Type (Red) Dwarf stars by Close Extrasolar Giant (Jovian) Planets
Frederick R. West
  abstract pdf
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