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Volume 4 Number 1 1975
1 Editor's Note

Charles A. Whitney



2 X-Ray Stars and Quasars: Variables That Need Watching
William Liller
  abstract pdf  
7 V Sagittae (201520)
Ernst H. Mayer
  abstract pdf  
10 Techniques for Visual Observation of Eclipsing Binary Stars
Marvin E. Baldwin
  abstract pdf  
13 Evidence for Small, Short-term Period Change in RZ Draconis
Anthony D. Mallama
  abstract pdf  
18 Differential UBV Photometry of Beta Lyrae, V
Howard J. Landis, Larry P. Lovell, Douglas S. Hall
  abstract pdf  
22 New Infra-red Data on Mira Variables
Charles A. Whitney
  abstract pdf  
25 XZ Cygni: Recent Period Study, Again
Maryjane Taylor
  abstract pdf  
31 RY Carinae: A Complex Star Group
Caryn Johnson, Martha H. Liller
  abstract pdf  
34 A Photometric Analysis of X Persei = 3U 0352+30
Elaine W. Gottlieb, Edward L. Wright, William Liller
  abstract pdf  
34 The Occultation of Kappa Geminorum by Eros - A Learning Experience
Edwin B. Weston, Brian G. Marsden, Brian O'Leary
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35 Variable Star Notes
Janet A. Mattei
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40 Minutes of the General Meeting of the AAVSO held at the Fernback Science Center Atlanta, Georgia, May 24, 1975
Clinton B. Ford
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43 Committee Reports
Nova Search,Carmine V. Borzelli, Eclipsing Binary,Marvin E. Baldwin, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Telescope Loans,Charles E. Scovil, New Chart Compilation,Clinton B. Ford, Solar Division,Casper H. Hossfield, Photoelectric Photometry,Arthur J. Stokes, Howard J. Landis, Variable Star Atlas Advisory,Clinton B. Ford, Classical Cepheids,Thomas A. Cragg
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47 Preface to Treasurer's Report and Treasurer's Report - October 1, 1974 to Mar. 31, 1975
R. Newton Mayall
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