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Volume 7 Number 1 1978
1 A Study of AY Lyrae

Keith Danskin



10 Visual Versus Photoelectric Stellar Magnitudes: Theory and Comparison with Observations
Philip C. Steffey
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14 Photoelectric measures of Comparison Stars in Seven Variable Star Fields
Richard H. Stanton
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19 Observing Dwarf Cepheids for Fun and Profit
John R. Percy, Robert Dick, Rolf Meier, Douglas Welch
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23 Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binary Stars - I
David R. Skillman
  abstract pdf  
28 Minima of Eclipsing Binary Stars, VI
Marvin E. Baldwin
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43 Nebular Variables
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46 Some Memorable Quotes from the Longtimers
Edited by: M. Baldwin
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47 Letter to the Editor: "Invitation to Blink"
Ben Mayer
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47 Letter to the Editor: "Astronomy Awards for High School Students"
Prof. Michael D. Papagiannis
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48 Minutes of the General Meeting of the AAVSO held at the Rackham School of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan June 2-4, 1978
Clinton B. Ford
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51 Committee Reports
Eclipsing Binary,Marvin E. Baldwin, Classical Cepheids,Thomas A. Cragg, Photoelectric Photometry,Howard Landis, New Chart Compilation,Clinton B. Ford, Nova Search,Carmine Borzelli, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Variable Star Atlas Committee,Clinton B. Ford
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56 Interim Treasurer's Report - 1 October 1977 to 31 March 1978
R. Newton Mayall
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