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Volume 9 Number 1 1980
1 Highlights of the Fifth Workshop On Cataclysmic Variables

Janet A. Mattei



3 Recent Work on Mira Variables
Thomas G. Barnes III, Lee Anne Willson
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13 A Photoelectric Light curve and Period Study for V448 Cygni
Patrick Hartigan
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18 SV Sagittae 1899-1979
Josefa M. Manella
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20 A Sky Survey for δ Scuti Stars
Jim Albert
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30 Note on Albert's Sky Survey for δ Scuti Variable Stars
Dorritt Hoffleit
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32 Our Friend, Leslie Peltier: A Personal Reminiscence
Carolyn Hurless
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35 Julian Day Number for a Given Date
Gordon Moyer
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38 Stars with Spectra Resembling δ Delphini
Dorrit Hoffleit
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40 Popular Astronomy Magazine and the Development of Variable Star Observing in the United States
Horace A. Smith
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43 Joseph Ashbrook
C. A. Witney
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45 BZ Monocerotis: An Eclipsing Binary
Bradley E. Schaefer
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48 John J. Ruiz, 1894-1978, Astronomer, Craftsman and Friend
Lewis J. Boss
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49 Letter - Three Stars with Flashy Futures - HT Cassiopeiae -V2051 Ophiuchi - AE Aquarii
Joseph Patterson
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50 Minutes of the General Meeting of the AAVSO held at the Hilton Airport Inn, Houston, Texas May 3, 1980
Clinton B. Ford
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53 Committee Reports
New Chart Compilation,Clinton B. Ford, Photoelectric Photometry,Howard Landis, Variable Star Atlas,Clinton B. Ford, RR Lyrae,Marvin E. Baldwin, Eclipsing Binary,Marvin E. Baldwin, Nova Search,Carmine V. Borzelli, Jr.
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56 Interim Treasurer's Report: October 1, 1979 to March 31, 1980
Theodore H. N. Wales, Treasurer
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