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ROAD (Remote Observatory Atacama Desert): Intensive Observations of Variable Stars


Franz-Josef Hambsch
Oude Bleken 12, B-2400 Mol, Belgium

Presented at the 101st Spring Meeting of the AAVSO, Big Bear Lake, CA, May 22–24, 2012

Received August 23, 2012; revised October 1, 2012; accepted October 2, 2012


The author discusses his new remote observatory under pristine skies and the intensive observations of variable stars he is accomplishing. The stars under investigation are mainly cataclysmic variables, observed in response to AAVSO, CBA, and VSNET alerts; other types, such as RR Lyrae stars, were also observed. Examples are presented of dense observations of different cataclysmic variables as well as an RR Lyrae star. Featured is the first bright outburst of SV Ari (Nova Ari 1905) since its discovery, as well as the first outburst of UGWZ candidate BW Scl. Results for VW Hyi, another cataclysmic variable, will also be shown. Furthermore, an intensively observed RR Lyrae star will be highlighted.

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