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Two New Variable Stars in the Fields of Nova Cygni 2006 and Nova Cygni 2007

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David Boyd
5 Silver Lane, West Challow, Wantage, OX12 9TX, UK

Received January 20, 2010; revised March 16, 2010; accepted March 25, 2010

Two new variable stars have been identified close to the recent novae V2362 Cygni (Nova Cyg 2006) and V2467 Cygni (Nova Cyg 2007). VSX J211145.0+444530 is likely to be a magnitude 11.6 γ Doradus variable with principal period 1.459(6) day and full amplitude 0.047 magnitude. VSX J202751.9+414727 is probably a magnitude 12.7 δ Scuti variable with period 0.05951(2) day and full amplitude 0.012 magnitude.

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