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Variability Type Determination and High Precision Ephemeris for NSVS 7606408


Riccardo Furgoni

Keyhole Observatory, Via Fossamana 86, S. Giorgio di Mantova (MN), Italy
Associazione Astrofili Mantovani—Gorgo Astronomical Observatory MPC 434, S. Benedetto Po (MN), Italy

Received May 11, 2012; revised June 4, 2012; accepted June 14, 2012


A photometric campaign analysis of the star NSVS 7606408 has been conducted in order to determine the type of variability and high accuracy ephemeris. By combining the obtained data with other datasets available, it was tried to improve the determination of the period, highlighting, however, a possible minimal change of the period over the years. At May 2, 2012, the ephemeris calculated for this variable star is HJDmin = (2456015.44998±1.1 × 10–4) + E
× (0.35482573 ± 3 × 10–8) + E2 × (2.4 × 10–10 ± 1 × 10–11).

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