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Data Mining the OGLE-II I-band Database for Eclipsing Binary Stars


Marco Ciocca

Department of Physics and Astronomy, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Received April 16, 2013; revised April 26, 2013; accepted April 29, 2013


The OGLE I-band database is a searchable database of quality photometric data available to the public. During Phase 2 of the experiment, known as “OGLE-II”, I-band observations were made over a period of approximately 1,000 days, resulting in over 1010 measurements of more than 40 million stars. This was accomplished by using a filter with a passband near the standard Cousins Ic. The database of these observations is fully searchable using the mysql database engine, and provides the magnitude measurements and their uncertainties. In this work, a program of data mining the OGLE I-band database was performed, resulting in the discovery of 42 previously unreported eclipsing binaries. Using the software package PERANSO (Vanmuster 2011) to analyze the light curves obtained from OGLE-II, the eclipsing types, the epochs and the periods of these eclipsing variables were determined, to one part in 106. A preliminary attempt to model the physical parameters of these binaries was also performed, using the Binary Maker 3 software (Bradstreet and Steelman 2004).

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