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Combining Visual and Photoelectric Observations of Semiregular Red Variables

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Terry T. Moon

Astronomical Society of South Australia (ASSA), GPO Box 199, Adelaide, SA 5001, Australia

Sebastián A. Otero

Grupo Wezen 1 88, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Centro de Estudios Astron�micos (CEA), Mar del Plata, Argentina

Laszlo L. Kiss

School of Physics, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia


Received August 22, 2007; revised November 6, 2007; accepted November 16, 2007



Combining visual observations of semiregular variables with measurements of them using a photoelectric photometer is discussed, and then demonstrated using data obtained for the bright, southern semiregular variable θ Aps. Combining such observations is useful in that it can provide a more comprehensive set of data by extending the temporal coverage of the light curve. Typically there are systematic differences between the visual and photometric datasets that must be corrected for.


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