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Due to the New England winter storm currently affecting the area, phone coverage at the AAVSO may be much reduced until Wednesday. The staff is still available via email, and we suggest using that method to contact us if you need assistance.

The Z CamPaign: Year 1


Mike Simonsen
AAVSO, 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA, 02138

Received November 29, 2010; accepted December 2, 2010


The Cataclysmic Variable Section of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO) has initiated an observing campaign to study a subset of dwarf novae (DNe), known as Z Cam type (UGZ). We call this program the Z CamPaign. Since there is no strong agreement between the various published catalogues as to which few dozen DNe are actually Z Cam type systems, our primary goal is to accumulate enough data to construct detailed light curves, covering the entire range of variability, to determine unequivocally the 30 Z CamPaign subjects’ membership in the UGZ class of DNe. We discuss the organization, science goals, and some early results of the Z CamPaign in detail.

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