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Guiding Forces and Janet A. Mattei


Elizabeth O. Waagen

AAVSO Headquarters, 49 Bay State Road, Cambridge, MA 02138

Presented at the 100th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 5, 2011; received July 23, 2012; accepted July 27, 2012


We are all shaped by the guiding forces in our lives—some we seek out, some seek us out, many are beyond our control. These forces may be human or not, constructive or destructive, personal, cultural, social, political, historical, or environmental. If we are fortunate we have had at least one human mentor who has nurtured us and helped us to grow towards our potential. Throughout her life, Janet Akyüz Mattei was the recipient of the effects of guiding forces—good and bad—and was herself a guiding force. From childhood on, she was blessed by having mentors and she responded constructively to them. Here Janet Mattei is discussed both as she was shaped by guiding forces and mentors and how, as a mentor and guiding force herself, she shaped others.

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