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The AAVSO Widow—Or Should We Say Spouse?


Thomas R. Williams

9505 Northpointe Boulevard, Apt. 9304B, Spring TX 77379

Presented at the 100th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 5, 2011; received April 4, 2012; accepted April 4, 2012


In past discussions of AAVSO observers over our first century of progress, the familial consequences of membership received little attention. However, non-astronomer friends commonly ask AAVSO observers, “But how does your wife feel about your spending so much time at the telescope and not in bed with her?” Although our Directors have not all been “observers,” they too are forced to keep unusual office hours, answer telephones in the middle of the night, and so on. This paper attempts to portray the many surprising ways in which the AAVSO spouse (not all observers are male nor directors female!) responds to their partner’s pre-occupation with variable stars.

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