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RS Sagittae: The Search for Eclipses


Jerry D. Horne

3055 Lynview Drive, San Jose, CA 95148

Presented at the 100th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 8, 2011; received November 9, 2011; revised January 3, 2012; accepted February 13, 2012


New V-, B-, Ic-, and R-band photometry of RS Sge has been obtained for 2010 and 2011. These new observations, when combined with previous observations, provide clear verification of RS Sge as an RVb-type variable. The observations also allowed development of B–V, V–I, and V–R color indexes for RS Sge and an examination of calculated vs. observed minima. The light curve shows evidence of both a primary and secondary eclipse with a period of 55.427 days, although the eclipse is difficult to detect because of the intrinsic short and long period variation of the star. The eclipse data have been analyzed following the principles of the Wilson-Devinney method resulting in development of a binary model for the RS Sge system.

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