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Intensive Observations of Cataclysmic, RR Lyr, and High Amplitude d Scuti (HADS) Variable Stars


Franz-Josef Hambsch

Oude Bleken 12, Mol 2400, Belgium

Presented at the 100th Annual Meeting of the AAVSO, October 8, 2011; received February 15, 2012; revised March 13, 2012; accepted March 14, 2012


An intensive observing campaign is ongoing to study cataclysmic, RR Lyr (with and without Blazhko effect), and High Amplitude delta Scuti (HADS) variable stars. These observations are based on requests and in collaboration with different organisations (CBA, VSNET, GEOS) and individuals. Observations are taken from my private observatories in Belgium, Chile, and through shared use of an observatory belonging to the AAVSOnet in New Mexico. Examples of individual stars intensively followed-up on are: CD Ind and BW Scl, two cataclysmic variables; NU Aur, an RR Lyr star with strong Blazhko effect; and GSC0762-0110, a HADS star. Many publications in different journals including Astronomy and Astrophysics have already emerged from this research.

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