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The Interesting Light Curve and Pulsation Frequencies of KIC 9204718


Garrison Turner

R.A.S.G. Hebrew Academy, Department of Science, Miami Beach, FL 33138

John Holaday

Purdue University, School of Material Engineering, Lafayette, IN

Received October 22, 2012; revised December 3, 2012; accepted December 4, 2012


In previous work by Uytterhoeven et al. (2011) the Kepler object KIC 9204718 (HD 176843) was identified as a binary system with a d Scuti-type component. Both long- and short-cadence data were obtained from the MAST archive and analyzed. In this paper we show the results of period analysis on one quarter of short-cadence data in which were obtained two pulsation periods, the dominant of which has a period of 0.026479 day and the secondary of 0.029068 day, respectively. We also present the interesting light curve of the object over several quarters of long-cadence data sets.

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