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Eighteen New Variable Stars in Cassiopeia and Variability Checking for NSV 364


Riccardo Furgoni

Keyhole Observatory MPC K48, Via Fossamana 86, S. Giorgio di Mantova (MN), Italy


AAMN Gorgo Astronomical Observatory MPC 434, S. Benedetto Po (MN), Italy

Received June 17, 2013; revised July 19, 2013; accepted August 21, 2013


I report the discovery of eighteen new variable stars in Cassiopeia: eight pulsating (2MASS J00584964+5909260; GSC 03680-00667; GSC 03680-01320; GSC 03680-01488; 2MASS J02472793+6149024; GSC 04047-01118; GSC 04047-01418; GSC 04051-01789), six eclipsing (GSC 03680-00423; 2MASS J02443720+6143091; GSC 04047-00381; GSC 04047-00558; GSC 04051-02027; GSC 04051-02533), three rotating (ALS 6430; 2MASS J01020513+5912394; GSC 04051-01669), and one eruptive (GSC 04051-02483). The suspected variable star NSV 364 was checked for variability in six nights of observations and in the complete SuperWasp survey dataset; no variability was detected.

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