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Report on the Photometric Observations of the Variable Stars DH Pegasi, DY Pegasi, and RZ Cephei


Ibrahim Abu-Sharkh
Shuxing Fang
Sahil Mehta
Dang Pham

Harvard Summer School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Received September 4, 2014; revised September 16, 2014; accepted September 16, 2014


We report 872 observations on two RR Lyrae variable stars, DH Pegasi and RZ Cephei, and on one SX Phoenicis variable, DY Pegasi. This paper discusses the methodology of our measurements, the light curves, magnitudes, epochs, and epoch prediction of the above stars. We also derived the period of DY Pegasi. All measurements and analyses are compared with prior publications and known values from multiple databases.

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