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ES Aql at bright maximum

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ES Aql at bright maximum

My recent CCD observation of ES Aql were surprisingly bright, but I didn't realize the sequence was lacking bright enough comp stars until I went to observe it visually last week and had to make a questimate based on a 10.8 - 12.1 gap in the sequence! I have rectified the situation since then by including some additional bright comp stars.

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ES Aql at bright maximum

As I look at that light curve I see the current maximum is more in line with historical maxima that the two previous cycles which seem abnormally low (compared to the earlier ones).  Both R CrB itself and Z UMi have shown this property of failing to recover to the historical maxima as well in the recent fadings.  Z UMi is currently trying to recover from its latest fade, maybe it will be able to mimic ES Aql and go all the way to its historical max?

Jim Roe

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