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Eulogy, and Possible NOVA ??? in Urs Minor

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Eulogy, and Possible NOVA ??? in Urs Minor

 Summary... Possible NOVA in Urs Min at 0556:33 UT


I have a MacBook Pro, but Ctr + V doesn't seem to work for me in this window.  Suggestions ??


I'll also convert to .pdf and attempt to attach as a .pdf file


As Ever, Orin Keplinger

Garden Prairie, IL   61038


an iridium flare


I offer my condolences on the death of Father Gregory.

It sounds like you saw an Iridium flare, which is a brief and very bright reflection from an Iridium communications satellite; a brief description is available at If you go to, there is a tool which predicts the times at which iridium flares will occur as seen from a particular location on a given date. To use this tool, it's very important to have accurate coordinates for the site at which you spotted the transient.

A nova would last for much longer than a few seconds, and it would be unusual for a nova to occur in Ursa Minor, which is well above the galactic plane.


Best Regards,


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