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Excluding a Column of Data

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Excluding a Column of Data

Hello everyone,

Hopefully this is a simple question. I'm trying to save data from a phase plot in VStar. I just want the phased data from the "Observations" tab. I see how to save it all, but is there a way to exclude some of the columns of data? Specifically, I only want to save the "Phase" and "Magnitude" columns. I didn't see anything in the manual about this, and I couldn't find any previous forum posts.


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Excluding a Column of Data

HI Grant,

The most simple way is to export saved TXT file into spreadsheed and to copy in a new TXT file only the columns that you need.

Not necessery to rumble into VSTAR functionality ...




David Benn
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Excluding a Column of Data

Hi Grant

Velimir suggests a good approach. I have to admit though that I have been intending to add another class of plugins for some time: observation sink as opposed to observation source.

This would allow arbitrary observation transformation and saving.


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