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Exoplanet identifier

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Exoplanet identifier

Hello friends,

I am going to observe the transit of the exoplanet HAT-P-53 b but  I do not find data of the star in AAVSO archives.

Obviously the star is the HAT-P-53 and it has alternative names but I did not find them in AAVSO either.

Can someone give me advice?

Thanks in advance.



Exoplanet identifier

Hi Mario

Go to the Variable Star Plotter VSP page and enter the RA and DEC coordinates.

I saw some comp stars for D (60 arcminute) plot scale.

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Having just completed the

Having just completed the AAVSO Exoplanet course, you don't typcially choose references stars from the AAVSO chart plotter nor do you upload raw the observations to the AID. Additionally, the resulting photometry are usually determined in values normalized relative to the star's baseline brightness, ie. values of 1 when out of transit and for example 0.985 in transit (for a 0.015 mag transit). 

The AAVSO does not yet have a repository for reduced exoplanet observations. The only place I know if that accepts such observations is the Czech site.

--- Dave LDJ

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Thank you friends for your

Thank you friends for your answers, they are very useful for me.

Dave, normally I upload reduced data to the Czech Association, and recently  I uploaded several exoplanet observations to AAVSO too, because I thought it was considered a variable star. However I understand you advise not to send them to AAVSO.

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