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fade of V730 Cep

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fade of V730 Cep

Has anyone looked at V730 Cep recently? I made it 15.2 a couple of days ago (which I consider quite a feat seeing the Moon was rising at the time!) so hope I haven't made a misident.

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Re: V730 Cep


It was at 15.1 visual on Aug 15.899.  My previous observations due to poor weather was back on July 17.056 when it was at maximum brightness of 12.5 visual.


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Hi Gary, so maybe we are

Hi Gary, so maybe we are seeing the minima stabilising (though over such a short time period I know this is a risky comment to make) - incidentally I am in central France at the moment at 'astrofarm' and one of your Brummie observers is here too. Been showing him the sky as he says he's a bit of an armchair astronomer! He can find M31 and the double cluster now, and we're trying for some new objects tonight (hopefully in between some VS observations!)

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