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Awards and Announcements

Presented at the AAVSO 90th Spring Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, May 5, 2001

Longtime member and observer Gene Hanson receives the Observing Achievement Award for reaching his 50,000 observations milestone.
Observing Achievement Awards The nightly observations of amateur astronomers are absolutely essential in collecting the quantity of data that is needed to further the study of stars, the Sun, novae and supernovae, comets and meteors. Variable star observers who contribute their observations to the AAVSO are the foundation of our organization.

The Observing Achievement Award is a certificate presented to those observers who have contributed to the AAVSO visual observations and Photoelectric and CCD observations.

Minor Planets

We are happy to announce the following Minor Planets recently named in honor of AAVSO Director Janet A. Mattei and several AAVSO observers. We would like to congratulate each of the honorees for having their names “written in the sky.”

Minor Planet No.  Name		In  Honor  of	  11695		Mattei		Janet Mattei  7196   		Baroni		Sandro Baroni	(BSR)  	  5038		Overbeek	Danie Overbeek  (OB)  13147		Foglia		Sergio Foglia	(FSE)  14568		Zanotta		Mauro Zanotta	(ZAM)  9706   		Bouma		Reinder J.Bouma	(BMU)	

AAVSO Publications

Two New Variable Star Newsletters
This summer we have started publication of two bi-monthly electronic newsletters. The purpose of these newsletters is to give observers new ideas for their observing programs and generally to provide a forum for the discussion of various common topics in variable star astronomy. Below is a summary of the two newsletters.

CCD Views: This is an electronic version of the newsletter previously published by the CCD Committee. Topics range anywhere from observing techniques (proper filter usage, data reduction, etc.) to new campaigns (faint LPVs at minima, newly discovered faint CVs, etc.)

Eyepiece Views: This is a brand new newsletter aimed at visual observers. Topics range anywhere from background on variable stars (types of variables,new research, etc.) to observing targets (LPVs in need of more data, newcharts, etc.).

Basically, anything can be discussed in these newsletters pertaining to CCD or visual variable star observing. If you have any topic ideas or would like to contribute, please contact aavso@aavso.org.

Both newsletters are available via e-mail or on our web site. They are published near the beginning of every other month. An extra issue may be published every now and then when circumstances warrant. Please visit the following URLs to see sample issues of the newsletters and to sign-up for delivery of new ones. On the web at: http://www.aavso.org/ccdviews and http://www.aavso.org/eyepieceviews/.

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